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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And the Universe Conspired.

Twelve months have passed and it’s the end of those several days,
We make our first, yeah our first anniversary day.

A walk over those many weeks, I see how we bridged those broken ways.
The walk was not smooth but was tough and testing ways.

It is our efforts and will to stay together, that brought this day
We promise to abide by what we have learnt in those several days.

Thank you sweetheart for finally making it happen this way.
Without our love and efforts this would never be the day.

As I write this post, I can see you and our baby sleeping comfortably with both his arms wide stretched. I know nothing compares to this eternal feeling. We the trio makes it a heaven s den. The giggle of our baby and our own conversations make it a home sweet home. But when I turn back the pages of my old diaries I see what not we did to make it happen this way, our way.

It is not about the saga of troubles and hardships that we faced and fought with to buy this life. It is also not about the patience and fortitude that we showed. It is also not about the guts and courage. It is about a mystical connection that held us together. It is about an intangible thread of closeness and faith that sailed us to the island of dreams and existence. It is about the communion. It is about being soul mates. And when you find the other half of you, nothing pulls you back. Nothing seems a struggle. Nothing seems big enough except the fact that you want to be together. We felt this mutually, symbiotically and naturally.

(From the pages of my diary)

“The more I think about you, the farther I get from myself. The more I dream you, the lesser I see the realities around. If I can touch you I cannot see you, if I can feel you I cannot leave you; If I can leave you I cannot be in myself. If it is a dream let it never go of my sleeps. Loving the sleeps I am into.”

The affinity for each other was growing intense day by day. I do not remember exactly when we decided to tie the knots. As for the unfavourable situations and lack of support we had a silent marriage. A marriage devoid of glitter, luxury, glamour, grandness and guests. Just you and me and few friends. My brother the only blood relation to witness the day. We vowed the fundamentals of marriage to be faithful ever and be there for each other for the everlasting times. The silence of our modest marriage was eclipsed with the happiness of realization that we were legally and socially united for life. It was Almighty s gift.            

Then what followed were tough times of the questioning world and our own people. But love is the   universal answer to all that is unsettled and un-understood. We stood tall to face it all every day, every hour and every minute. Time was doing its magic. Healing and alleviating all that we thought was big to handle. Our faith and love was strong to deal with than the people who opposed us. The universe was secretly conspiring our dreams into reality. Our faith into tangible truths. Our patience into gifts of life. We were reaching the shore.

And then you happened. Your news was a step further. A new extension to our identity. A new extension to our relationship. Someone to our name. Our biggest legacy. A biological Taj Mahal of our unity and existence. And on 1st September, when I held you for the first time I knew it was a complete circle of life. You were born to bonafide us; authenticate our decision to live a life together. You were more than a son to us. You were a payback for all that we came through, passed through and survived through. So without a speck of doubt I would like to rechristened this day, my  Platinum Day of Love. Because the day is an epitome of our persistence, triumph, faith and everlasting love. The love that never fades with time like Platinum. A day as auspicious and as pious as the metal platinum. A day pure, rare and eternal. And for this day I want to live hundred lives with you.

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  1. Loved the beginning and the expert from your diary. Good luck, Neo :)

  2. Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
    please read my post too

    1. Thanks for liking it and dedicating time. I wud surely visit you blog.

  3. Well written Neo. Happy family. I wish U and Ur family a very happy life ahead and yes, also best of luck for the competition :)

    1. Thank you Jahid... We have so much in common.

  4. Yes, a platinum day of love isn't necessarily a man and a woman in a relationship... the trigger can be a child. Nice lovable post.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Very right sir.. Thank you for the appreciation.


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