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Friday, March 6, 2015

Opportunities Unlimited !! Just Look Up

Aimless was a  perfect one word substitution for me. It not only defined me in nutshell but was also the Joie de Vivre  of my life. Although I was professionally sound and focused but in personal life I never took myself seriously. May be this was the reason I was doing good in professional life.  It is one sort of a kick to get up every morning to discover you have no personal goals to fight for or be burdened under the guilt of negative deviations. Whenever I found the time to think in the direction of personal life i made it a point to freak out with friends. 

But I knew the fact that I was going wrong. I was avoiding something that would start haunting me if I don't respect it further. I knew I was already late in making my future financial plans. A decade of job and I had absolutely no savings to even gather my guts to peep into the bastion of future planning. So instead of facing the problem I made a fake euphoria around me that everything was absolutely normal and future would only be mine.

But on 01 Sep 2013 when I held my new born son for the first time, I realized a sense of responsibility. A responsibility that needed more pragmatic and matured approach. The false euphoria was giving way to a new father in me. I was getting in terms with the real world and future aspirations of me as a father. That was my turning point. A moment of transition. I dared to think of the unthinkable in me " Future Planning". I was extremely optimistic about  being in tandem with my counterparts in coming years. Optimism is hard to create but once you create an aura of positivity things automatically start falling in place. It happened in my case too. I surprisingly got an offer for a residential plot at my dream location. Though the value was beyond my financial limits but timely support from family and friends anchored my first pillar of investment in future. The deal gave me a lot of confidence. My wife's moral support motivated me to step a further and I invested in mutual funds.

Today when I see the happy me, I can't help recollecting the day I became father. Now I know why it is so special to be a father !

We all need that one special moment to get inspired in life. So look up with optimism and the rest will automatically fall in place. 

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