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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

If You Live to Eat, then Singapore is a Treat !!

If holidaying is all about eating, shopping and exploring, then Singapore is a sure paradise for you. 
Singapore has a variety of cuisines to tease your taste buds and indulge into sinful eating. From serene hotels to calm beaches, from bustling shopping malls to enticing eat streets, from romantic coffee shops to beautiful countrysides; Singapore has it all !

If eating, shopping and drinking is your idea of a perfect holiday, then this is where you should swipe your magnetic cards.  

My personal favorite is Singaporean Chicken Rice. A complete meal that can be savored anytime of the day. A dish consisting of steamed  rice and slices of juicy tender chicken. The steamed rice is drizzled with a generous amount of sweet dark sauce and the chicken dressed in chilli sauce makes a lethal combination. A dollop of minced ginger on top of it adds the remaining flavour to satiate all your taste buds at once. 
Singaporean Chicken Rice

    I know words are hard to believe, so have a look at these amazing picture perfect dishes.

My customized meme

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  1. yum.. delicious post, Pradeep. all the best for the contest.

  2. Singapore has a great variety of food. Lovely collage and meme.

    Good luck, Neo!

  3. The chicken rice is the national dish of Singapore, I have blogged about my personal experience.


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