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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Optimistic Touch

     The joy of life is with people who love you and understand you. They are the ones who can listen to you for hours with interest and fondness.  They are reliable and sources of inspiration for friendship and life.

 I have known Ajay for close to four years. It was in the year 2010 when we got a chance to work together. Though we were a part of different projects but our  wavelength  matched so well that we developed respect and fondness for each other in no time. Ajay was my senior and I never missed a chance to pay him his due respect. We were people of  different taste and approach but had a common passion for  life. Ajay was a man of books and knowledge and I was appropriately a jerk who loved life living on the edge. Ajay was matured and composed but I was spontaneous and restless. Doing eccentric things gave me pleasure but to many others it meant stupidity. Ajay always saw the optimistic side of my behavior which the world saw otherwise. He had a very wide angle of judgement and perception. It was most probably the imprints of books that he has read so far. 

He admired me for my nonsense and I admired him for his sense. But somewhere we both used to get something to learn from each other. One thing that makes Ajay special is his ability to set up highest benchmark in friendship and hospitality. The return gift he got for this from God is a wife who equally complements his stature of character and personality. They value people and friendship. I get to learn so much from them. And I have only improved as a person ever since I know him.

I still remember how special they used to make us ( I & my wife) feel whenever they invited us to their house for dinner. We used to feel like celebrities as we stepped into their house. They used to put in a lot of efforts in preparation of food and creating an ambiance that reflected the warmth of their hearts. But you get good people only for a short time and as fate is to be blamed we got transferred to different cities. 

But fortunately I got a chance to visit him again in Delhi for an official tour. As his wife was at home town for delivery we stayed together for a week. My work place was 25 km away from his apartment but I still chose to stay with Ajay in spite of the difficulties in daily commutation. The reason was simple; Our friendship !

 The days were full of intellectual conversations and hilarious moments. The two year time gap had no effect on our friendship. During my stay Ajay again gave me an exemplary hospitality. He daily gave me his vehicle for office and himself managed with public transport. He left no stone  un-turned to add convenience to my life.

The weekend Saturday was the best memorable day of my life in recent past. We had morning coffee together. With coffee we discussed our joys and sorrows, work and fun, friends and foes, pros and cons.  We talked tirelessly until we realized it was time for the lunch. We decided to cook together at home and use the time to share our notes. By evening tea we had infected each other with optimism and freshness of life. Everything seemed so perfect that day. It was like a spiritual transformation. The positive vibe was all in the air. It was then I realized the importance of having true friends in life. A single day of togetherness is enough to take away all the pessimism of life and fill oneself with optimism.

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