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T his post is dedicated to introducing my Podcast - Bus Kahani Hai . I have made this podcast with an intention to connect to people through my voice. This is not only a means of sharing my views and stories with the world but is also a medium to talk to myself.   A podcast is a good medium to connect with people as it does not demand the attention of your eyes; all it wants from you is to lend your ears. Often when you are commuting on a bus or in a metro, listening to a podcast can be a great idea: All you need is an earphone and bingo! My Podcast - Bus Kahani Hai has a Trailer as an introduction and episodes that are published from time to time. All the episodes so far have been archived below with dedicated links for one-click listening. Also, it is my humble request to leave your valuable feedback and comments on this post or on my  Instagram page   https://www.instagram.com/neoimaginations/     Twitter handle  Bus Kahani Hai              Latest Episodes Episode 4 : Khidki Ke Baa

An inch of life.

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"An inch of life I lost, when I made myself fit to live. In an act of co-existence, I lost what I am."

 In a world of compromises we are fit to live if we know to kill  an inch of life in us. This compromise is a new way of life. The diplomacy to agree without true agreement is the new agreement of a successful life. If you speak your raw mind you are a complete misfit. So all we do is speak a more synthetic mind. A processing of our true raw mind into something that is more acceptable to others no matter how unacceptable it may seem to you.  

Compromises are as rampant as polythene bags. We dislike but we still use. Remember the last time you were totally in disagreement with your boss decision but you still nodded a cheerful yes because speaking otherwise would have cost you your dear job. After all you run a family and not a moral school to be speaking moral science. The  more you agree with your own disagreements the higher you rise in your career, the happier your family is and the sadder you are with in yourself. For people only see where you are and not what you are inside you. A pile of all this will take a toll someday. May be most of us will not survive that day to witness. But rusting of soul makes you weak inside. Deep inside you, you know it pains. But again concealing your deep agony and pain is being strong. Being weak is forbidden, bearing pain is compulsive.

Then in the middle of everything, comes a man in your ubiquitous society who is fearless and intrepid. He is the one you want to be deep inside you. You cannot follow him because you have your own cravings for comfort and luxury. But you can like him, love him to the level of adulation. And he instantly becomes your  Hero. Because he is exactly, what you exactly cannot be. So how do you show your agreement ? You cannot make him your Boss. He is not your employer  but he can be your Hero. In your leisure you talk about him, appreciate him and read him through newspapers and array of news channels aired with in your DTH subscription. But a caution you keep in mind that never to follow him just support him verbally. You cannot be a hero of yourself unlike Kareena Kapoor who was her own favourite in Jab We Met. After all she also paid a price for it. We cannot pay prices.  We have our own comfort zones, heroes don't have  comfort zones. If they had, they would not have been our heroes at the first place. Because our heroes can only do things we cannot. 

And then we expect him to change this world for us. We expect him to correct everything that we see wrong in our eyes but still do it religiously as a protocol or as a societal call. Is nt that a mirage in the desert ? But cant help, let every one change then I will also change. My hero will somehow do this. Lol what a Hero he is !
But deep down we know our hero is a simple mango man ( Aam Admi). He is no Krish, no G1, no super hero of Hollywood. He has no Jadu alien though he has a Jhadoo ( Broom) of Harry Potter to clean all the shits of his own followers and admirers like us. 

But before I get a Utopian place devoid of shits, I am sure to get a Jhadoo spank on my back, like Jadoo ki Jhappi . Till then keep missing an Inch of Life.
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  1. This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

    1. Thank you Team BlogAdda. Its always my sheer pleasure to contribute for Tangy Tuesday. Happy New Year guys.

  2. Everyone cannot become heroes - there will be overcrowding in hero-land, then! What we can do, however, is to make sure that whatever field we are working in, we follow the principles and integrity example set by our hero. We could take inspiration from our heroes.

    Destination Infinity



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