5 Blouse Back Neck Designs to Entice you

5 Blouse Back Neck Designs to Entice you Indian women are at their classy best when they ensemble themselves in Sari or a Lehenga. And the oomph factor behind these two attires is no secret. Yes! It is all about how clueful you are in choosing its better half, the blouse to be a complete run-away hit. The enigma lies in the Blouse back neck designs with border. It is the Blouse back neck design that keeps you gracefully presentable even when you are not facing someone face to face. The magic must go on. Put yourselves at ease, for here we bring you 5 curated Blouse Back Neck Designs with border to make your presence count and stand out from the rest.  1.  The Stone embedded Net Blouse https://www.instagram.com/p/BoebiZkFURe/ If you are looking for a fusion of East meets West, then this perfectly fits the bill. The blouse back neck design has stone embellishments over a transparent net that induces an indo-western touch. Occasion: Bridal, Recepti

Mother ! My Treasure

The omnipresence of God is possible only because everyone has a mother. Mother is an epitome of unconditional love, support and emotions. Mother has no substitute in this world. We begin our biological existence from  our mother. We share the oldest relationship with mother because she is the one who knows us even before we were born. 

Mother is the first in every order of  our lives. She is the first friend, first teacher, first trainer, first expert adviser and first person we know. Yet sometimes we ignore her importance and give her less than she deserves for being a mother. 

I have infinite memories of my mother to reminisce. All so close to heart and touching. I am sure everybody has it in plenty ! 

My mother has always stood for me whenever I fell in short of confidence in life. She encouraged me to aim higher in life. I was a mediocre by mentality. But she gave me the confidence to believe that I can actually be the topper of my class. She celebrated my success so dearly that I got true motivation to give my best at everything I did till it became a habit. She taught me to balance myself because she also taught me to handle failures. I was into my teens when she taught me that failures are as natural as success and as much a  part of life although less desired. Her conversations were always full of experiences and yet simple to understand. 

I remember, I was in class VI when I got Chicken-pox and was admitted in isolation ward of a hospital. The annual exams were going on and I had already appeared for first subject exam. But when I got to know that I will not be able to appear for the rest of the examinations, I could not stop crying. By then I was already in the habit of coming first in the class for three years in a row. I was in a trauma and blamed God for infecting me with a communicable disease. My mother could not see me in pain and the next day she reached my school and requested my class teacher to arrange for a re-test. All my teachers loved me and were emotionally touched by mother s request. Later I got to know through my class teacher that she could not hold herself and broke into tears while requesting for my re-test. That year again I stood first. Today I realize that first rank was not so important then as my teachers had already assured that I would get promoted to the next class based on my performance by then. But my mother knew at that age, first rank meant a world to me. As a mature parent she should have been convinced with me getting promoted to  the next class. But the mother in her urged her to go that extra mile for me. 

Another moment very close to my heart is the one when she agreed for my marriage with a girl of my choice. I have known friends who always did what they liked without any objection from parents but finally gave up their true love because parents did not agree for that one final decision of love. I was lucky in this regard. When I introduced my mother to the girl I love she agreed without making it difficult for me. Although she had every valid reason to say  no for the reasons that we were from different faith, caste, community and region. She gave me the confidence to take a step further and convinced my father and rest of the family. She is both orthodox and liberal at the same time. May be because she did not give me a tough time on this matter I have taken it more of as a moral right. To make it simpler for me my mother made things too complicated for her to handle with relatives and society. But she somehow managed it. She actually managed a life of my choice for me. 

Whenever I feel insecure, I have a reassuring faith that I have a mother who can take care of and handle any issue that goes out of hand for me. And that faith is a million dollar faith for me, a faith that lets me sleep forgetting all my worries and apprehensions in life. A faith that is both therapeutic  
and  relaxing.  This faith is a privilege for only those who have mother.  

Mothers are multi-taskers. The multi-taskers who played every role, ever so perfectly! The one and only expert for anything that you required.This Mother's Day, Godrej Expert Rich Crème celebrates your first expert. While we’re celebrating moms, it’s also time to celebrate the most widely trusted expert when it comes to hair colour. Click here to read more.

                                                                                                                                                                            Image Source: www.hubsoftech.com  


  1. I kinda don't like when you said you were mediocre. As a friend, I don't like the sound of it and I bet, your mom won't like it either. Anyway, your mom is just like mine. My brother can so relate with this post. My mother has gone places to make him stand on his own feet.


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