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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Show Us Your Visions not Accusations.

Disclaimer: This post is not political in nature and only intends to showcase my take and views for the Nation and its Political ethics.

                In the past few years more scams have been exposed than the false promises made to Aam Janta. The ruling party did its share and the opposition party did not repose either. If Congress is the undisputed king of corruption, BJP did not mind finishing as runner-up in the league. The Aam Janta has undergone a lot of agony in the past years for the hundred thousand scams that come as a slap flat on their faces.  
                                     We are an educated nation and we dont need the dirty blame game anymore.  Last week our good capable leader Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the nation keeping in mind the 2014 General Election. But it was more of  an anti Congress speech than BJP s own agenda for the upcoming elections. We want to know your party' s vision for the nation. We want to know, 'what are the biggest issues that your party wants to address once it resumes the  prime ministerial Office? We are hungry for that piece of speech, that peice of information. But be it the Congress or the BJP, the only agenda on their mind is how to pull down each other. There is nothing left for us as a nation in your mutual anti reportings that you do everytime you get a chance to face the press and   the Aam janta. The media is already doing a good job by reporting and testifying every mudslinging that you try to do against your rival parties, so please don't redo their job.

            Hence, the next time you come to us, please come with your Visions and not accusations. Tell us what you want to do for us. Talk about our problems and also offer us options of solutions to choose from. Give us promises with your own ultimatum of time so that we can check if your promises are delivered. Give us dreams and also wings to fly to those dreams. We want to aspire for more so be our inspirational Government. Give us  governance and not just government. We have potential so explore us, exploit us. Tell us if your party can do anything for the honest man Anna Hazare ? or you too would like to kill his voice and the voice of India. Give us an affirmation for bringing in the Lok pal. India Gate is no more flooded with Anna Hazare's supporters. Not that we have forgotten our fight against corruption. So be a party of people for the people by the people. Promise us on this and we promise that we will wait in long ques, outside the polling booths under the scorching sun to vote for your party to vote for our vision for the nation.

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  1. Hehe.. To be honest I never blame the politicians. They only market themselves and they very well know whom they can target. Unfortunately people like us also fall into their trap. One incident here and there and the entire equation changes.


    1. Yes you are right ! Also the whole lot is the same leaving voters with no option to vote for. So i was talking of creating a visionary lot whom we can choose to vote. Thanks Jahid bro

  2. You have put a very important aspect of your national politics in perspective here. Our politicians don't believe in campaigning based on their solutions for the various problems ailing our nation. Instead, they jump on each other on personal issues, or stupid non-issues and try to play on public sentiment.

    1. Yes Ramakant. This is where we lack a role model leader.


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