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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shortcut to Nirvana .

          Nothing can be as soothing as a platter of Hot garnished Chicken Biriyani. No matter how sad or broken you are, Chicken Biriyani can rob you off all your sorrows and pains.  For a gourmet like me it is the Ultimate salvation. 

The aroma of Basmati rice with aesthetic spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and saffron can help any ordinary soul to attain Nirvana. The length of steamed  Basmati rice and multiple flavours of the spices is the most magical ecstasy that a foodie has ever known. Biriyani is as delicious to see as to savour. It is a lethal combination of colour, aroma, taste and texture. The roasted chicken pieces when artistically placed over Basmati rice and garnished with Mint leaves is a luscious treat in itself. Mint and chopped onions have another secret affair with Biriyani. The squeezed lemon is the right catalyst to challenge your taste buds and draw lines of over eating. The sneeky bay leaves with whole cloves and pepper is to aroma as Raytha and chunks of chicken is to taste. The sprinkle of golden fried onion adds temptation beyond your power to control. It is sacrilegious to eat Biriyani with a spoon, your fingers are the only permitted interface.  If earth is a heaven then  Biriyani is the main course of this paradise.

Nothing is more seductive than layers of safrony Chicken Biriyani served hot in a see through Bowl of Borosil. To see the pictorial form of this temptation, wait for my next post. 

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  1. Ah!! That was tasty !!! No one would ever have described the ingredients in such a luscious way ;-)


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