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T his post is dedicated to introducing my Podcast - Bus Kahani Hai . I have made this podcast with an intention to connect to people through my voice. This is not only a means of sharing my views and stories with the world but is also a medium to talk to myself.   A podcast is a good medium to connect with people as it does not demand the attention of your eyes; all it wants from you is to lend your ears. Often when you are commuting on a bus or in a metro, listening to a podcast can be a great idea: All you need is an earphone and bingo! My Podcast - Bus Kahani Hai has a Trailer as an introduction and episodes that are published from time to time. All the episodes so far have been archived below with dedicated links for one-click listening. Also, it is my humble request to leave your valuable feedback and comments on this post or on my  Instagram page   https://www.instagram.com/neoimaginations/     Twitter handle  Bus Kahani Hai              Latest Episodes Episode 4 : Khidki Ke Baa

Time to Return


I ran and ran, when tired I walked and walked but kept going ahead. I never stopped. I never reposed. A meanwhile halt would have corrupted the tempo. Moving was a trend and trend is life. But then I turned my head sideways. Sideways to share my joy of moving ahead, sideways to see my people my folk with whom I started. But I was alone. I was running in solitude. No one to cheer, no one to smile in cohesion.

Suddenly the joy of tempo punctured like an inflated tire. The destination no longer lingered on my mind. The hollowness sustained, persisted. Now I was running but halfheartedly. Suddenly the lights, the glitters on my way were flickering and then diminishing. Deep in my heart I knew I was walking in dark. The lights so far were all my illusion, I was in a hallucination. The realization of truth was coming now. Sometimes we see things better in dark. Light always don’t help us. Darkness sometimes does.

So now I know; I can either run ahead in grief or I can walk back to the people I left behind. Hang on their shoulders, halt with them, laugh with them and if situations permit walk ahead with them. It is time to return. It is time to go home. 
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