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Saturday, April 11, 2015


As the various civilizations evolved around the world, the rule of fittest to survive shaped the life style and responsibility in social life. Task that were physically tough in nature were shared by men where as the ones that needed patience and relatively less physical strength were taken up by women with few exceptions of course.  But it is difficult to understand why the task of doing laundry predominantly fell to women only. Being a healthy man I myself find it difficult and tiring doing the laundry. All though washing machines have added convenience but still the mere thought of washing clothes can make one tired. 

I am thankful that my upbringing at home was such that as men we were always encouraged to do laundry as and when possible. I developed this task as a way of life and  as a to-do point of weekend task. After my marriage, I educated my wife about precautions and washing care for different types of fabric. The cotton whites are to be respected the most with utmost care for fear of colour bleed from other garments. The whiteness is a difficult task to be maintained. Delicate fabrics are not be machine dried.I always join my wife while doing laundry because I know more about the science of fabrics. She admires my knowledge and the love with which I treat each cloth. I have taught her why denim jeans are to be turned inside out before washing and dried in  shade instead of bright sunlight for too long. We have together learnt to prolong the life and sheen of our expensive clothes. 

Not only the right practice is of paramount importance but choosing the right detergent is of equal importance. Some detergents are too harsh for fabrics that are usually delicate in nature. Also soaking clothes for too long  can reduce its life and quality.

With this post I want to support the movement 'Share the load' led by Ariel and BlogAdda. Let women of the house alone be not burdened with the difficult task of doing laundry. 

Ariel has been a leading brand recommended by top washing machine brands worldwide. It has always added innovation to the art of washing clothes. It works best on a variety of fabrics including cotton, synthetics, silk and blends. The new Ariel Matic complete + can be used with both top and front loading washing machines. It is for the toughest stains like curry, chocolate, ink and milk tea. 

Here is my self endorsement.

"I am writing for #WashBucketChallenge activity at in association with Ariel"

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